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BubbleBud Kids Universe

BubbleBud Kids Universe

by Dweek Studios


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BubbleBud Kids Universe
BubbleBud Kids Universe
BubbleBud Kids Universe
BubbleBud Kids Universe
BubbleBud Kids Universe
BubbleBud Kids Universe
BubbleBud Kids Universe
BubbleBud Kids Universe
BubbleBud Kids Universe

**Tons of Interactive Educational Games, Interactive Stories and Learning Activities for children 3 years old up to 7 years old**


• Well researched Digital Curriculum for Kindergarten

• Mapped with the International Preschool Curriculum

• 100s of Learning Games, Puzzles, Interactive Stories and Educational Activities

• Topic Based / Project Based learning

• Encouraging Creativity

• Interesting Facts, Play Cards

• Kids Friendly Interface, No Ads, Play Offline, Private and Secure


The BubbleBud Kids Advantage: 

• Topic-Based Learning 

All content provided in the BB Kids package follows the Topic-Based Learning approach to ensure that our kids in kindergarten are smarter and more intelligent. 


• Gamification of Education 

Learning without a purpose is like eating without being hungry. Gamification of education provides little ones a purpose to pursue knowledge about a particular topic or subject. While the kid is at it, gamification rewards them with more knowledge thus increasing its value to children in kindergarten. 


• Sustainable Development Morals 

Preschoolers must understand sustainable development at this young age in order to bring about innovative solutions to resolve them as they grow up. BB Kids provides these toddlers the right content presented in the best possible manner in order to build a better future. 


• Creative Learning 

Creativity will define the child’s future and it shouldn't be restricted to Colouring and Music. BB Kids provides children the ability to explore the world around them through an all new Creative Learning approach.


*Preschool Activities*

• Prewriting - Pictures with prewriting patterns

English - ABC Spelling, Finger Tracing

• Maths - Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Comparison, Patterns, Finger Tracing, Shapes

• Creativity - Drawing, Colouring

• Aptitude - Jigsaw Puzzle, Patterns, Memory, Match Shadows


• Topics Covered - Wild Animals, Farm Animals, Insects, Sea Animals, Birds, Dinosaurs, Transport, Space, Fruits, Vegetables, Other Food Items



• With Clunky, children are encouraged to create their own educational games linked to their curriculum. It is a creative learning suite with activities like - Jigsaw Puzzle, Pattern , Tracing, Memory, Counting, Spelling, Comparison, Addition, Subtraction


*Solar Family*

• Interactive Story about Planets of the Solar System

• Spell the Word - Spelling the planet names by popping ABC bubbles

• Capture the Light - Fun game to encourage their hand eye coordination

• Space Mystery - A Trivia Game



• Interactive Story about Sea Animals

• Make My Aquarium - Teaching toddlers about colouring and mixing colours

• Clean the Beach - Fun game encouraging children to keep their environment clean

• Ocean Mystery - A Trivia Game



• Interactive Story about Animals

• Free The Animals - Teaching toddlers about understanding and completing patterns

• Jungle Runner - Fun game to help build a kid’s reflexes and learn about their food habits

• Jungle Mystery - A Trivia Game



• Interactive Story about Food