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Brownout –  City Wide Edition

Brownout – City Wide Edition

by Oslm Studio 99


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  • Brownout –  City Wide Edition
  • Brownout –  City Wide Edition
  • Brownout –  City Wide Edition
Brownout, City Wide Edition has you attempting to restore power to various cities that have suffered a major power breakdown. Using a new type of accelerated power restoration and with no time limits imposed on you, can you restart the system. With your finger, you can move the particle emitter located above the panels to the left or the right. Taking your finger off the emitter will trigger the release of the energy particle. This particle will recharge any of the deactivated capacitors it touches within the panel. Each panel must be charged back up to 100%, so if you activate too many capacitors you will overload the individual panel. The game has an open level design, so you are able to go to any city district that you choose to start from. It has also been designed for use with HTML 5, Android API level 13 and above. The game is displayed in landscape mode only and rendered in 720 HD. Thanks for looking and if you want more info or if you have any questions about our game, please visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/BrownoutCWE1

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