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Brightest LED Flashlight Pro

Brightest LED Flashlight Pro

by Art Lab


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Brightest LED Flashlight Pro
Brightest LED Flashlight Pro
Brightest LED Flashlight Pro
Brightest LED Flashlight Pro

Enjoy torch LED flashlight with no ads at all..!!!
Brightest LED Flashlight Pro is the best instantly brightest and tiny flashlight ever. 

Shine the dazzling flashlight app free with camera LED light at its maximum. Enjoy your parties and food within the light glare and illuminations. Brightest LED Flashlight Pro is quick and easy flashlight app with a power button that allows you to control (LED torch, SOS,screen brightness with maximum illuminations). 
Brightest LED Flashlight Pro gives you all the functionalities regarding your device camera tool. Specially designed flashlight for Samsung Galaxy series, Samsung S series, Samsung J series, Huawie Ascend g700 and many more devices.
Always available when you need- the most optimized and reliable flashlight tool designed to save your battery life while running. You should try it as-

LED Torch 
Brightest LED Flashlight Pro becomes LED torch when you need it. Tap the Power On/Off button for full illumination of your device cam light. 
Animated Flashlight 
Enjoy this application as your torch and many more with screen animations. 

!!!More Settings!!! 
1. SOS Light 
When you try it in some emergency or use as indicator blinking light tap SOS button, this directly starts blinking as SOS light tool. 
2. Battery Saver
You should make it as best ever battery saver flashlight tool according to make it Power On as holding device's screen and Power Off on releasing it for battery saving.
3. Screen Brightness
Make your device screen fully shines and bright. Even enjoy the flavor of flashlight on your screen if your device doesn't support camera or flash light.
4. Auto Mode
Select your best and favorite mode as auto mode for future preference.
5. Themes
Enjoy this unique feature of Brightest LED Flashlight Pro. Select best themes of different color varieties for your own choice. 


• Easily Power On/Off Screen
• Button Color Changes Using Power On
• Power On/Power Off sound effects
• Beautiful Animation provided
• SOS, Screen Brightness, Auto Modes
• Beautiful Themes Available 
• Clean and Realistic Design
• Brightest flashlight for tablet devices

Common or Emergency Use of This App:-
- Find Important Stuff in the Dark 
- Book Reading at Night 
- Use as Torch Battery For Light Your Way When Outdoor Camping and Hiking
- Turn On SOS As Indicator To Visible Someone at Night 
- Light Your Room During a Power Outage 
- Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets 
- Use It As Emergency Light 

!!!Coming up with flashlight widget on your screen!!!

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