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Bright LED Flashlight Plus

Bright LED Flashlight Plus

by AppsBazaar Gurgaon


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  • Bright LED Flashlight Plus
  • Bright LED Flashlight Plus
  • Bright LED Flashlight Plus
  • Bright LED Flashlight Plus

LED Flashlight app instantly turns your device into a bright flashlight. This ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the LED light. Strobe/Blinking mode is also supported and it's FREE, Bright, Fast and easy to operate. Bright LED Flashlight Plus is the most elegant and functional LED flashlight or torch app, ever! Bright LED Flashlight Plus is the only torch app that goes with a compass, to give you a direction in the darkness.
With the help of sophisticated design and the fastest startup, The Flashlight takes full advantage of the LED light!

Important Features:-

-    Super Bright Flashlight - Guaranteed! 
-    Convenient - Switch On/Off the light just like using a real flashlight.
-    Strobe/Blinking Mode supported - Blinking frequency adjustable.
-    Stunning graphics - This is the most beautiful flashlight you can get in hand!
-    Free of Course.
-    No need for a real flashlight
-    Insanely bright flashlight
-    Bright screen light
-    A flashlight, which is always available when you need it.
-    Intuitive and elegant UI design.
-    The brightest illuminator ever
-    Fastest startup flashlight 
-    Strobe mode with sensitive frequency controller
-    Built-in SOS flashlight signal
-    Intuitive and elegant UI design
-    Enjoy the cam LED light!

Waiting for the better option to get back into the light? Download this torch app and you will start see the light peak out from the darkness.

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