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Brick Blocks Puzzle

Brick Blocks Puzzle

by Prominent IT Tech Solutions


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Brick Blocks Puzzle
Brick Blocks Puzzle

Brick Blocks Puzzle is a simple and classic puzzle Bricks game.

The main aim of a player is to form uninterrupted lines (without any gapes) with brick blocks in the typical shapes and by completing the shape.

Build shapes inside the grid at the bottom of the screen by swiping your finger onto the touch screen on mobile devices.

In order to win you must fill the lines with blocks so they dissolve and your score climbs. Don’t let the blocks reaches the top of the screen otherwise the game will over.

Brick Blocks Puzzle is the best Bricks Game app made for Android.

The game has different modes of play and different speed levels. You can Pause/Play the game when required.

Brick Blocks Puzzle is fun and most adductive Bricks game.