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Breaking Glass 2

Breaking Glass 2

by PilieMili.com


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  • Breaking Glass 2
  • Breaking Glass 2
  • Breaking Glass 2
  • Breaking Glass 2
  • Breaking Glass 2
  • Breaking Glass 2
Breaking Glass 2 is a very entertaining app that will further challenge the power of his vocal chords. The objective is to break a glass object imitating the sound for 30 seconds. To check the noise you need to do, touch the subject shown on the screen. In total there are 7 objects, each corresponding to a musical note. The more tuned you are and more stronger the sound is, more chances you have to break the glass, score and earn stars to unlock the next level. In Breaking Glass 2, you can share your score with the photo of the moment of the game, which is very fun and funny! Share and enjoy! www.facebook.com/PilieMili www.twitter.com/PilieMili - How to play: 1 - Touch the object and listen to the sound emitted (You may need to increase your device volume); 2 - Repeat the sound as accurately as possible; (Caution You are being recorded ...!) 3 - You have 30 seconds to score and earn stars to unlock new levels; 4 - Earn 5 seconds every 10,000 points earned and continue playing; 5 - Beware! At the end of the match, the object can be broken and you can even share a funny photo with your friends; 6 - Good Fun!

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