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Break the Bricks 2015

Break the Bricks 2015

by Mini Digital Studio


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  • Break the Bricks 2015
  • Break the Bricks 2015
  • Break the Bricks 2015
  • Break the Bricks 2015
  • Break the Bricks 2015
Break the Bricks 2015 game come back with new UI that anyone can easily enjoy one simple operation can enjoy a variety of games The classic arcade game of Break the Bricks is back again & it's a free game. The player has to move the paddle left and right and destroy all the bricks with the ball. The faster the level is finished the better the score. Break the Bricks 2015 is #1 highly anticipated arcade game filled with endless charm and brilliantly designed levels. With new power-ups smartly layered onto the classic gameplay, Break Bricks is more challenging and engaging. GAME PLAY: - Break the brick to get points. - Ball increase speed after each stroke - You can get lives by hitting the heart brick & get an extra ball for hitting special ball bricks. - Reach high score and unlock more level with your friend - You can share high scores to your friend FEATURE: - 4 special bricks breaker - 4 normal bricks with different colors - 3 different power ups. Full version supports all brand samsung, lg, htc, sony, oppo, sky .. Break the Bricks 2015 is free, if you have any issue please contact to my email! Don't wait more, please try it and send your feedback to my email. Thank you!

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