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Hi, My name is Grzegorz, Game Producer at Cublo. My partners and I are very pleased to announce the mobile launch of Martin Wallace’s Brass. Brass is an economic game that places you and your opponents at the crossroads of history and the dawn of the British Industrial Revolution. Your mission is to take down up to 3 challengers by creating a superior economy in the northern city of Lancashire. You’ll invent technologies for the the cotton, coal, steel and construction industries and you need ruthless strategy, skill and a keen sense of timing to come out on top. Brass is already a much beloved board game so the logical next step was to take the traditional format and port it to mobile. Working in partnership with board game publishers Phalanx, we’ve been able to make this dream a reality. Now you can play Brass on your own timetable and on the move, either in real time or at a more leisurely pace. The Brass user interface gives the board game graphics a complete facelift, which modernized the tabletop design while retaining the absolute authenticity of the time period. Features: 3-4 players AI opponent Network multiplayer with push notifications Local multiplayer (pass & play) Design facelift/refresh Works in any orientation (portrait & landscape) In-game tutorial & manual Achievements and leaderboards Release Date, Price, Platform: Release Date: November 12, 2015 Price: $6.99 Platform: iOS - http://tinyurl.com/pw2v76z, Android - http://tinyurl.com/ocueadz Press Kit http://www.cublogames.com/press/brass-press-kit/ Press Coverage & Testimonials (U.S.) www.pockettactics.com/news/ios-news/all-about-that-brass-martin-wallaces-brass-ready-for-prime-time/ www.pockettactics.com/news/ios-news/getting-down-to-brass-tacks-martin-wallaces-brass-begins-beta/ Advance positive press for the mobile game: “I’m impressed and am looking forward to seeing how it develops before it launches later this year.” – Dave Neumann, Pocket Tactics Just a few of the comments made about the board game to whet your appetite for the mobile version: “Very tight economic/development game. Every decision is crucial. Real brain burner!” - Ken Thibodeau “Brass deserves the effort you have to make for learning the rules. It's really good.” - Cristian Cano “I recall no other game where the thematic background and a finely crafted set of rules are married as successfully as in Brass. It's long, demanding and it might take some effort to digest the rules at first, but at the end of it I couldn't care less - it feels like just having finished a good period novel.” - Antonio Recuenco-Muñoz I am always available for interviews. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Cheers, Grzegorz

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