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Bouncy Kid 2D

Bouncy Kid 2D

by Murat Avan


Our Rating

Bouncy Kid 2D

Bouncy Kid is platformer 2D pure nature adventure game so that let me to give you hidden detail about controls

-When you tab to screen that's mean you have 2 chance to jumping on the air,
-Forest has many pin tree count anyway follow the ravens and after raven passed you away You have sudden 1 more extra jump step on the air
-Do not try to touch ravens because It makes you slower and also rain will make u a bit slower in every seconds...
-Do not forget the imagine your best dream and try to not mute music during gameplay

This game will change your negative psychology situatian in to positive with best way,cause is all the colors,characters,musics and game's strategy path selected for the purpose,This is not only the simple game You will figure out after your first gameplay.

-Enjoy to the dream!!!