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Bouncing Babies

Bouncing Babies



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  • Bouncing Babies
  • Bouncing Babies
  • Bouncing Babies
A high rise building is on fire! You play the role of a two man firefighter team carrying a life net. Your job is to catch the babies which jump out of the building and quickly keep them bouncing to the ambulance. Be fast though because soon his little brother jumps too, and then his little sister! If you miss, not a pretty sight. Bouncing Babies is a remake of 1984 MS-DOS classic arcade game by Dave Baskin. "Bouncing Babies is more than a game. Bouncing Babies is a metaphor for life. You can never complete it. You can only... inevitably... fail." - Richard Cobbett Notes: ★ watch the youtube video to see how to play the game ★ train your reflexes with old school arcade action! ★ for the high score and achievements to work you'll need a Google+ or Amazon account. ★ The game also works without such an account but obviously you're not in the race for the best high score nor any of the achievements will work. ★ at first run you'll be prompted to opt-in for the Google Game Services ★ the required permissions are either for the Google Game Services or the Ad Service. ★ just an exit ad and a billboard in the game ★ no in-app purchases ★ real baby sounds! ★ no two games are the same! ★ if you like my game share with your friends and consider rating it in the Play Store, much appreciated! ★ can you beat the high score? ★ the larger your screen, the easier this game gets, works great on tablets! ★ no babies were harmed in the making of this game :-)

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