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by Foyohe Studios


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  • Bonjour
Best time management and scheduling app with a beautiful and neat design interface abiding the material design . Having a hard time making decisions ,to keep track of all the events having around you, memorizing long lists of things to do, remembering the big and small things through out your day? Then look no further! Bonjour is the perfect solution for you. It can make your life easier and more productive. Bonjour is an easy to use , handy application which lets you take decision systematically , create events , create to-do lists and reminders. ♦♦ Decision maker ○○ Compelled to make choices in the spur of the moment which you regret later? Then this feature is for you. It lets you take the best decisions by letting you analyse each one logically . ○○ Options are provided to set reminders and alarms to make sure you don't forget them. ○○ Ask other people for their wisdom by sharing the decision by share feature which automatically create a synopsis of the decision. ♦♦ Event reminder Never again you should miss out an opportunity because of forgetting about it. Create upcoming events of all types . Be it wedding, exam or an interview. ○○ Options are there to set notifications and alarm at time of your choice. ♦♦ ToDo Lists We understand that you have much more important things to remember than your grocery list or shopping list. And now onward's you don't have to . The to-do list feature provides options to add new lists, edit them later , delete of done things. ○○Manage your chores now seamlessly. ○○ Options to share your list to your friends in app. ♦♦ Reminders And of course, good old reminders . You can create reminders for any time with or without alarms. ○○ You can share your reminders in social platforms making reminding your friends effortless. Go on and download . It can simplify your life in more ways you can imagine.

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