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Body Parts – Internal

Body Parts – Internal

by kidz Learn Applications


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  • Body Parts – Internal
  • Body Parts – Internal
  • Body Parts – Internal
  • Body Parts – Internal
This application describes basic internal organs and skeletal system, taking human body as an example. Body Parts is an educational app that helps young children learn what the different internal and skeletal parts are, along with how to pronounce with word that accompanies the respective part. Upon opening this app, users can select from the basic internal/skeletal parts available: liver, scapula, lung, cranium etc or can select the full catalog of parts from the bottom center tile. In addition, users can also select the questions section of Internal/Skeletal Parts, which goes into a little game for the child to play. Once inside, the voice of a younger child will ask, “which of these pictures communicates with 100 billion neurons,” for example and there are three pictures to choose from; choose the correct answer and a large smiley face pops up and allows the player to go to the next question. Kids will enjoy the full catalog section mentioned above. This section of the app is extremely comprehensive and gives the users a breakdown of all the upper body, middle body and lower body parts, starting at the top of each respective section and giving the user a quick video breakdown of all of the body parts in that given section.

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