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Bob’s Space Adventure

Bob’s Space Adventure

by Red Magnet Studios


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  • Bob’s Space Adventure
  • Bob’s Space Adventure
  • Bob’s Space Adventure
  • Bob’s Space Adventure
Fight against the rampaging creatures from outer space in this arcade style adventure. Show your skills and join our championship to win the $100.000 prize money! In this free mobile game you take control of Bob, a janitor from a local space station near earth. One day he accidentally gets sucked into a black hole that transfers him to parts of the universe that are still undiscovered by mankind! Survive, before the enemies outnumber you! Luckily for you, your space suit is equipped with a fuel tank that has a lot of special abilities! Upgrade, power-up and explore the infinite universe and join our championship in 2015! The $100.000 Championship edition is available for free! Everyone can join to compete for the best high score, also keep your eyes open for some monthly challenges with fabulous prizes. THE FIRST FREE MOBILE GAME WHERE YOU CAN WIN A $100.000 The first six months after the release of Bob’s Space Adventure a contest is taking place where you can compete for the number 1 high score on our leaderboard. Whoever wins will receive a $100.000. You can participate, simply by logging in with your Facebook account. The logo in the game will then get the subtitle: CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION. You can read more about the championship at www.bobsspaceadventure.com/championship.

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