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Blocky Roads Parking

Blocky Roads Parking

by Grand Champ Games


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  • Blocky Roads Parking
Learn how to park with "Blocky City Roads Parking" - A parking simulator game! Test your driving and parking skills to get to the designated parking spot without crashing! Game features: - Easy to learn, hard to master 3D gameplay. - Gas to move forward, brake to stop and to move backwards - Two options of driving - Tilting of your device or the use of one of five steering wheels. - Four different vehicles to park with: Car, jeep, semi-trailer and truck - 30+ stages (more coming soon) - Three weather conditions (drizzly rain, snowland and sunny) with controls (off/on) - Multiple steering wheel designs. - Three camera views for better driving on the byway. - Quick repairs to continue where you crash. - Three lives to play, with an option to upgrade to five! - Swerve and roam around walls. - Operate on multiple roads and pathways. Hitch your way into different positions to fit into tight spots and corners - Drive,halt and steer over ramps, bridges, and hills. - Time your laps around each parking route. - Slant device with tilt controls Upgrade Store Purchases Include: - Five colorful steering wheel and control skins - Weather control - Quick repairs pack - This allows you to continue where you left off after crashing and not start a new game!

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