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Biometric Security Lock Prank

Biometric Security Lock Prank

by PlayInfinity


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  • Biometric Security Lock Prank
  • Biometric Security Lock Prank
  • Biometric Security Lock Prank
  • Biometric Security Lock Prank
  • Biometric Security Lock Prank
If you are looking to make your phone private and theft free, than you are at the right place. This Biometric Security Lock app will add a feature to your android mobile that will make your phone safe by detecting your finger prints to unlock phone. Your thumb is detected by this bio-metric app to unlock screen. Xrays are used to scan your finger prints and unlock your phone. Realistic fingerprints are used as password to unlock your screenlock. Biometric Security Lock is best solution to maintain your privacy. By downloading Biometric Security Lock you should stop worrying in case you left your phone at any public place or office. Biometric Security Lock provides solution to your privacy problems. This app will provide additional features to your android that will make it unique from the counterparts. Features HD quality graphics Beautiful and attractive Biometric Security Lock Option to enable and disable Biometric Security Lock SMS and Missed Call notifications Excellent Xray scanning Get rid of Passcode Free of any cost and no hidden charges User friendly for all age groups Power off button locks screen Disclaimer: No available app yet have Biometric scanner feature added. The technology has yet not been upgraded to this level. So, it's obvious that phone screens cannot be used as a bio metric fingerprint scanner. This technology needs to be supported from hardware level not from software level. This is not a secure alternative to a real biometric screen lock and should never be used for real security purposes. This Biometric Screen Locker is a prank and designed for entertainment purposes only.

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