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Billiards 8 Ball:Pool Pro 3D

Billiards 8 Ball:Pool Pro 3D

by angeloarcefvg


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Billiards 8 Ball:Pool Pro 3D
Billiards 8 Ball:Pool Pro 3D
Billiards 8 Ball:Pool Pro 3D
Billiards 8 Ball:Pool Pro 3D

Billiards 8 Ball Pool Pro 3D, is top ranking & regler games to play in 2D & 3D. You will love to play billiards in your smart phone or tablets .The game has 8 ball of different colures. So enjoy with your Billiards Pro game!. Pool stick and hit pool the ball .This application is 100% free to download and protected with antivirus. No ads during play to with crazy 8 ball pool Billiards. Also you have options to play with 8 Ball or 9 balls. This will give you No.1 enjoy of HD images during play the pro game!. Pool Coins at stake and collect the coins on every game won by you. On every mode you will face a new challenge. Show your skill to be world’s top & best or professionals pool player.

Features of Billiards 8 Ball Pool Pro 3D:
1. Ball Pool or 9 Ball Pool in different colours.
2. HD images & Realistic 2D & 3D ball animation8
3. VS Player mode {Rules}
4. Single Player help menu Mode: 
5. Customize your cue and table
6. Straight Mode of 2 Time Pool Game {NO rules)
7. Arcade Mode: have more than 160 plus Challenging Levels one by one without rules
8. Challenge mode vs competitor with 2 minutes limit during online play can Compete 1-on-1 with live players anywhere in the world. 
9. Will earn the chips when will Win the matches. Same rewards can be use upgrade of your cues or go for higher ranked matches during play to Billiards 8 Ball Pool Pro 3D
10. Enter tournaments to win trophies and exclusive cues

Instructions to play:

1) Mode of Player vs. you or other Player: Time Mode rules
Play against to player as rules of standard 8 ball or 9 ball. Touch the screen of your smart phone to adjust the direction of stick and drag down to power-up to right for your strike. Then Touch and hold towards your aim or point to move the cue-ball then tap to get confirm to, for Free-ball.

2) Time Mode: without rules for billiards games:
this billiards pool games is the objection in the game to pocket your set of assigned the balls. As little elcome
much more midnight pool balls sink by you will get the higher scores. Touch phone screen to adjust the direction then drag down the power-up in the RIGHT to strike polo game.
There is time limit for Challenge in Mode for 2 minutes in but as you sink any ball will get an additional time limit. 
pool billiards pro will create a new group of balls to keep continue the game. There is no time limit in practice play Mode but in this you will no high score record during this pool pro.

3) Arcade Mode: without rules 
put or pocket all balls on the table as the given number of cues. Play the game without time limit or rules in this mode but you have limited number of cues in mode of pools billiards.
We hope you will enjoy this game forever!, thanks