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Battery Saver (Power Booster)

Battery Saver (Power Booster)

by AppsBazaar Gurgaon


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Battery Saver (Power Booster)
Battery Saver (Power Booster)
Battery Saver (Power Booster)
Battery Saver (Power Booster)
Battery Saver (Power Booster)

Battery Booster is one of the perfect solutions to get rid of the more power consumption problems of the Smartphone’s. Battery Booster is a free & advanced Android app to get the long lasting battery backup. This power monitoring app permits users to rapidly gaze rising battery charging status and find which app & which action is depleting battery life.
It is consolidated with brilliant pre-set battery power administration modes & additionally with manual setting options to include your customized power saving mode. With single touch control, you can enlarge your Smartphone battery life which makes batteries last longer! Battery Saver is the simplest and easiest solution to keep your Android phone working well, when you need it most, and also protect against poor charging and overlooked device settings that shorten your battery life.

Pros of Battery Booster App:
•    Unique three stage charging modes i.e. quick Charging mode, Constant Charging & Trickle Charging mode.
•    Different modes available as per users needs inclination and alternative to include users altered mode likewise.
•    It provides an accurate result with respect to the amount of battery life is left with the detailed examination of apps 
•    Protect your battery with sound charging to increase your battery life.