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Battery Saver for Go Free

Battery Saver for Go Free

by Xda Dev


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Battery Saver for Go Free
Battery Saver for Go Free
Battery Saver for Go Free

I need your help to translate the app in your language! If you are interested send me a mail!

Battery Saver for Go Free Edition

Save your battery while playing with Po**** Go!
Po**** Go, in order to works correctly, need the screen of your device turned ON and this - you know - eats up a lot of battery.

This App will let you save a lot of battery because:

- Brightness will be automatically set to the minimal value, with a black - overlay screen. This, for Amoled screen's devices, means close to zero battery drain while, in LCD screens, the lowest brightness will help a lot to save battery;

- While Battery Saver for Pokemon Go is running, you can put the phone in your pocket, because the touchscreen will be disabled like the hardware keys too (only Volume and Power buttons still works);

- When the device starts to vibrate because a wild Po**** is near, just double tap on the screen to "Turn On" the screen again! Easy at it seems!


Start the application and enable the switches you like, giving the needed permissions. To start the service you can choose between a persistent notification or a ChatHead ( maybe we can call it "icon") that is draggable and clickable.

When the game (Po**** Go) is running, just tap on the ChatHead or on the Notification to "Turn Off" the screen. To turn the screen On again just "Double Tap"


☆ Great Battery saving!
☆ You can lock the hardware buttons while the app il running!
☆ Single, Double and Triple Tap to turn On the Screen!
☆ Exclusive start methods: persistent notification or ChatHead!
☆ You don't need to increase manually the stand-by time of the screen, Battery Saver for Go will keep the screen On for you while you are catching some new pets!
☆ Exclusive Tap Code Security to prevent unauthorized unlock of the screen!