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BarSim Bartender Game

BarSim Bartender Game

by Killer Mobile


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  • BarSim Bartender Game
  • BarSim Bartender Game
  • BarSim Bartender Game
  • BarSim Bartender Game
  • BarSim Bartender Game
  • BarSim Bartender Game

Congratulations! You've just found the most interactive, innovative Bartender Game ever developed.

BarSim™ is the culmination of over 15 years of Bartending, Bartender Training & Bar Themed Gaming experience. Three years in the making, we've worked tirelessly to ensure that every step in the drink making process has been represented in our Bartending App. In fact, we're certain that once you've mastered BarSim™ Bartending Simulator, you can easily take the same skills to the real world. It doesn't matter if you've never poured a drink in your life, or you're already a veteran bartender, this game will challenge your skills and be a whole lot of fun.

Please Note For a limited time, ALL Bar Tools will be unlocked. Enjoy! After this period, users will need to upgrade their tools via earned tips by playing the game or via in-app purchase

Loaded With Over 100 Cocktails

Bar Sim™ Bartender Game includes 100 of the most popular, common cocktail recipes. However for the power users out there, don't fret, you can upgrade to add the Recipe Editor feature allowing you to Add & Edit Existing recipes to your heart's content.

True to Life Bar Simulation

BarSim™ Bartender Simulator utilizes hyper realistic "motion gestures" - the same motions you'd use when Bartending in real life - so when it's time to pour, you will quite literally pour. When it's time to shake, you will quite literally shake. We've also implemented a fully guided tour explaining everything in fine detail, so you'll be up and playing in no time. Plus with our real time feedback tips during Practice mode, you'll master the fine art of Cocktail Slinging fast!

When making Cocktails Recipes in BarSim™ Bartending Simulator every aspect is scored & critiqued, including glassware & ingredients used, amounts poured, proper technique including Shaking, Stirring, Muddling & Blending (including how long you perform the action), as well as proper use of garnishes. You're also timed, so don't spend too much time looking up the recipe if you've forgotten it already. And for the clever few, we've built in a few "secret" flair moves, which will help boost your tip even higher!

Loaded with Special Upgrades & Customizable Feature

Speaking of tips, these aren't just useless points you're earning. Tips are used within the Bartender App to purchase bar tools, expand your recipe book, upgrade your tools & More. Additional upgrades are available to unlock the Recipe Editor Feature, add a second tier to your Speed Rack & to Remove ads. Don't forget to customize the Speed Rack to optimize your speed. Plus, the game supports both OZ & ML measures, as well as English & Spanish (with more languages coming soon).

3 Bartending Simulation Modes

Practice - Practice (Training) mode allows you to choose only the cocktail recipes you'd like to practice. This is ideal for those that are wanting an extremely interactive way to learn & memorize drink recipes, including those that are interested in bartender training, bartending at home, or are already bartending and want to sharpen their drink recipe skills.

Career - Work your way from a lowly busser to a Bartending Guru with increasingly difficult & sophisticated cocktails as you move up the ladder earning tips allowing you to unlock bar tools

Head 2 Head - When you've honed your skills, it's time to put them to the test. Play against your friends, or other BarSim™ players across the globe. A leaderboard will keep you honest, and show who truly is the best bartender in the world.

NOTE: Please review the initial Tutorial to learn how the game works before playing.

Pour. Shake. Stir. For Real!

Bar Sim™ Bartender Game by Killer Mobile | Feedback? Let us know at www.BarSim.com

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