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This is an education app concerning mainly to toddler and preschool kids and helps them to get ready for kindergarten. It assist the toddler to evolve from Rhymes to toddler books and then to kindergarten transition. The toddler book comprises of Alphabets, Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Fruits, Animals, Vehicles, Planets, Days in week and much more. It even boost infant's memory power by fun based quiz and memory game. Such games not only enhance the teaching but even entertain the toddler. Let's look on its main aspects.

Back To School App comes with four main aspects.
Colors-- Balls with different colors are displayed. And with every color balls, three images with different colors are displayed. Toddler has to tick mark such image whose color matches with the color of the ball. It helps toddler in making identification of color and boost its grasping power. Toddler becomes familiar with different colors and this will help in kindergarten as well.
Shapes-- Similar to above color balls, there are different shapes that are displayed on screen. Shapes includes triangle, rectangle, circle and many more. Toddler just has to select any of the shape and relevant to that three different shapes are show with funny faces. Toddler has to tick mark on such face whose shape is exact of the one being selected. This will make the toddler familiar with different shapes.
Numbers-- This is really very beneficial to your kid. Playing with numbers will entertain the kids and teach at the same time. 1-10 numbers are displayed. When the toddler select any number, three items are displayed. Each items are in different quantity and among them toddler has to choose such item that matches the number selected before. WIth these game, your kid will identify the numbers and will master over it.
Alphabets-- This game is something that every kid would love to play. First step of kindergarten is to learn alphabets. The game starts from selecting any alphabets that are displayed A-Z. After selecting, three images will be shown whose names start with different alphabets. Toddler has to tick mark such image whose first alphabet matches with those selected before.

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