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Awakening Watch Faces

Awakening Watch Faces

by Inside Globe


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Awakening Watch Faces
Awakening Watch Faces
Awakening Watch Faces
Awakening Watch Faces

“Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change -Thomas Hardy”. Likely, Awakening watch face surprised you by its changes. It is like solving a puzzle, It awakens you.

What you feel:
★ Every time you look at it, you have to take a moment to decipher the location of the arms to know the time. 
★ It reminds you that you have to learn more and change yourself as often as possible
★ It motivates you to stay aware all the time and to keep moving forward.
★ It reminds you that the moment you stop changing, the world runs ahead leaving you behind. 

What is Unique?
★ Shows your phone and watch battery status
★ Displays Date and Day 
★ Both round and square watch faces
★ Separate dial for hours, minutes and seconds
★ Aesthetic color combinations

Just a Click:
To know more about Awakening Watch Face Visit: http://insideglobe.com/awakening-watch-faces-the-design/

Share Your Idea
If you wish to suggest your idea about additional widgets, please contact us at (wearables@insideglobe.com)

Note: The watch Faces is not for all the smart watches, but only android wear watches paired with android phone(4.3+)

Requires Android Wear - supports the following watches:
• Motorola 360 (1st , 2nd gen and sport)
• Huawei Watch
• ASUS Zen Watch 2
• LG G Watch
• LG G Watch R
• TAG Heuer Connected
• Fossil Q Founder
• LG Watch Urbane
• Sony Smart Watch 3
• Samsung Gear Live