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Avoid fall

Avoid fall

by HYHDco


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  • Avoid fall
  • Avoid fall
  • Avoid fall
  • Avoid fall

Control your hero to avoid of the falling triangle, which is the core of the game.

The game is divided into three difficulty, single row, double row, three row, choose different difficulty stand on different ranking.

Click on the corresponding screen area of the hero to move the hero, only when the hero moves to the end of the area where the reverse direction. Single row needs three clicks to reach the end point, the next click will move in the opposite direction. Double click two times to reach the end, the three row one click to arrive. The moving direction of single row is very important to remember the hero.

According to the choice of difficulty falling also is only a slight difference but overall did not change, the whereabouts of the triangle close to the bottom of the alpha value will slowly become 0 and increasingly early start to change, has reached a certain degree will randomly selected triangle the alpha value of 0. When the alpha value to 0 is completely transparent, be sure to remember the locations at the start of the fall of can successfully avoid. The falling triangle touch the end of the hero game.

Come challenge avoid fall, create your highest record in the world.

- achievement
- ranking
- 60 kinds of goods
- Kiip To get real rewards.

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