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Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

by Soft Informative Technology


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Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is free application which records all your calls Automatically,

This App is Change from other Call Recorder Apps

★What is New in our App ?
- Our App provides some salient features which other applications not provide like you can select which voice you want to save.

Its depend on you, which calls you want to record,
Other person voice - not your voice
Both your voice and other voice
Just Yours voice - not other voice

★ Audio Source
- Mic
- Voice Call
- Voice Up link
- Voice Down link

Select Recording File Format (To Record your call, which provides compatibility with all the devices)

★ Audio Format
- MPEG 4

★ Call Log

See your Call Data, Listen Any calls which is saved automatically.
- Play
- Delete Permanently
- Cancel

(Important Notes)

- Due to hardware limitations and compatibility issues recording might not work properly on some devices, please inform us what error your device gives and we will solve your issue.

We have tested this application on Different Moblies, i.e Samsung , Motorola , LG , HTC and Huawie, all of them supports this application but we had to solve issues for each devices , if we have missed your device please inform us. rather then giving negative comments or giving 1 star.

- It doesn't means it will not work on other devices, it should work but we have not tested yet.

- You have to uninstall all other call recorders for this application to work more better.

Your Feedback is very valuable to us, Please let us know so we can try to work more perfectly.