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Asteroids Crack

Asteroids Crack

by Claude Newman


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Asteroids Crack
Asteroids Crack

Asteroids Crack is an Arcade space shooter where you must destroy the deadly incoming asteroids. The action takes place in the year 2415. The Earth Space Center, formed by all the nations of the world, has detected a huge asteroids field just outside our solar system. Most of these asteroids will not hit earth, but some will. The future of human kind is at stake. We will not survive such an impact. Earth will be destroyed.

In a joined effort the best space crafts are build and the finest pilots selected to protect our future. You are one of the selected "aces", so strap yourself in and destroy the asteroids. Perhaps we can see your medals in the list of the world’s best pilots.

How to play:

  • When you hit Green asteroid it gives protection for 10 seconds.
  • When you hit Gold asteroid you can get double points for 10 seconds.
  • Red asteroid, if not hit it is game over even with extra protection from green asteroid. Have to hit twice to destroy.
  • When asteroid collides with player game is over.
  • Level will be complete when you hit 10 asteroids.
  • when you complete your level you can get 1 medal and 100 points.

Are you our next TOP GUN?