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Armored Car HD (Racing Game)

Armored Car HD (Racing Game)

by CreDeOne Limited


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  • Armored Car HD (Racing Game)
  • Armored Car HD (Racing Game)
  • Armored Car HD (Racing Game)
  • Armored Car HD (Racing Game)
  • Armored Car HD (Racing Game)
"Armored Car HD" is definitely a fun racing game that you can look and feel its vivid, beautiful graphical screen and enjoy a variety of series-favorite features. "Armored Car HD" gives you the pleasant sensation more than your expectation, not only enjoyable from racing, because it provides special features such as shooting, launching a missile and dropping mines for the rivals who operate the cars. In addition, racetracks are optimized through appearance of some obstacles intermittently that you are advised to watch out otherwise other rivals can take the an opportunity to beyond your car. To drive ahead, you can use a nitro boost or enter the ‘O’ mark zone to accelerate your car. Surprised wealth is waiting for you when your car go passing through a blue mark of the track. To share your battle track with your friends, you can capture winning result and screen, posting them onto your Facebook account (Function provided in the game). Don't miss the opportunity to be the no.1 of competitor in the rank list. Game Features: 1) 16 scenes 2) 9 cars 3) more rank type :Own Cars, Own Tracks, Add Coins, Daily scores, new Total scores and more 4) 3 racing types: standard, survival and chase 5) Sharing your result with screen-captured onto Facebook 6) Multi-languages support: English, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Russian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish 7) Get free coins fast easy! 8) Multiplayer ( Up to 6 players at the same time) 9)Tuning the car: Body color, engine, gears, suspension and wheels How To Play: * Run with auto-acceleration * Provide anti-slip out of racetrack option * Tap (Touch) phone screen or tilt your phone to operate the running direction * Avoid destroying or knocking against obstacles * Shoot, launch the missile or drop mines to obstruct other rivals beyond you. * Pass through the "O' mark zone on the road to boost your speed * Pass through the arrow mark zone on the track to get wealth * Adjust the 3D quality and other settings to enhance the performance

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