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Arloon Anatomy

Arloon Anatomy

by Arloon


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  • Arloon Anatomy
  • Arloon Anatomy
  • Arloon Anatomy
  • Arloon Anatomy
  • Arloon Anatomy
The interactive way to learn human anatomy! Can you imagine what the human body is like from inside? With ARLOON apps, you can learn while having fun. Anatomy combines realistic 3D models with an Augmented Reality viewer that makes your Natural Science classes unique and surprising. Discover the human body like never before: Select each organ, rotate it, find out interesting details and study it virtually, viewing it from all angles. ● Learn with curricular content and exercises about: - The respiratory system / The circulatory system / The digestive system - The excretory system / The nervous system / The skeleton - The muscular system /The male and female reproductive systems ● View individual, realistic anatomic reproductions of each of the body’s organs. ● Take a fascinating journey inside the human body to learn about the most important functions: - Digestion / Breathing / Circulation. - Excretion / Nerve impulses. ● Test your knowledge with fun exercises that will help you study and evaluate what you have learned. ● The content of this application for students from 11- 18 years of age is completely curricular. Content is available in English and Spanish. Hundreds of schools around the world are already learning with ARLOON! ● Learning Outcomes: - Cognitive Development - Critical Thinking - Engagement and Usability - Creative Development - Life Skills - Academic Relevance ● Acquisition of21st-century skills: - Scientific: anatomical terminology - Digital: studying with new technology - Learning and interacting with the physical world using Augmented Reality - Learning to learn: experimenting and actively searching for answers to promote self-learning - Linguistic: building multilingual vocabulary (English and Spanish) ● Awards: - 5 stars certificated app by Educational App Store (December 2014) - Learning Best Practice Award (October 2014) - Winner of the Academics' Choice Smart Media Award (July 2014) - 2nd prize winner of the “La CaixaEmprendedores XXI” awards for entrepreneurs (June 2014) - Winner of the first Lanzadera business incubator program (May 2013) ● Testimonials: “There cannot be a teenager around who would not find it absolutely fascinating, hilarious and just a little bit gruesome in pointing a device at their school friends to see how their guts work. It’s a really clever way to “hook” learners in to accidently learning the gross anatomy of the human body.It is far more rewarding and will provide far deeper learning and retainment of knowledge by the user when compared against purely using physical written or rote learning, even via a video or television programme, as they are choosing what they are learning. Overall a very engaging, scientifically sound and visually pleasing app that any Biology teacher really should have in their arsenal of pedagogical weaponry to engage learners in a very memorable way.” Simon Withey, Teaching Consultant at Educational App Store

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