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Arctic Wolf Shooter

Arctic Wolf Shooter

by Emma Joy


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Arctic Wolf Shooter
Arctic Wolf Shooter
Arctic Wolf Shooter

Arctic Wolf Shooter is a game of shooting wolves. One of the Best Sniper shooting and Wolf Hunting Challenge is here for Android Players. 

Welcome to the 3D world of Arctic Wolf Hunting. 

This game is a real test of your sniper shooting skills even better than any other commando. Start your hunting adventure in a harsh climate and prove yourself the professional sniper shooter of this era. Take Your Rifle, set your scope and start hunting wolves today. Hunting a wolf needs your reflexes sharpen and a quick response to avoid being a hunt instead of hunting it. This game will show you how to tackle difficult situations wisely.

Arctic Wolf Shooter Is one of the best free Hunter simulator game on Play store.
The game consist of 15 challenging Levels and you have to be the best wolf hunter by facing the Wild wolf on the snowy mountains. 

Be the world’s most deadly arctic Wolf hunter by shooting and killing all Wolves in the jungle. 

Features Of Arctic Wolf Shooter :

♦ HD Snow Environment.
♦ 15 Deadly challenges to defeat Arctic beasts
♦ Easy and Effective Touch Control & Radar system to track the target.
♦ Thrilling sounds effects
♦ Easy to play Controls and Zoom system.