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Archer Hero Must Die

Archer Hero Must Die

by StomStudio Games


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Archer Hero Must Die
Archer Hero Must Die
Archer Hero Must Die
Archer Hero Must Die
Archer Hero Must Die

Archer hero mustdie is a Smooth archery mobile game play, amazing graphics and vivid sound. With your weapon- A bow, you will fight fearlessly
In the Archer Hero Must Die, players are in the Archer form fighting against the enemies in the aborigines triblet. The Army of the enemy is crowded, strong and dangerous.They have also great skill shot with magic archery
Use your archery to kill all enemies because of Kill Shot. if your shot is not accurate, your Archer Hero must die by shooting skillful enemies.

How to play Archer Hero Must Die:
Touch and hold the Screen to adjust the archery. Shooting instantly when you determine the exact angle to kill the enemies
Remember! The Kill Shot just has only one chance for each enemy, so be careful!
Simple to Play and become a talent Kill Shooter!

Features in Archer Hero Must Die:
- Unlimited Fun
- Enjoy being a skillful Kill Shooter
- Graphic: 2D, unique, spectacular: Archery, Archer Hero and Aborigines
- Easy to play but hard to master
- Solitaire game: Close to player
- Endless Archery Playing game

Let's Try ''Archer Hero Must Die'' now!

P/s: We we are looking for a publisher collaborator or co-operate with other team to bid out-source code. If you have demand and intention to co-operate with us, Please contact with us via this facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/StomStudio