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Arab Sniper War: Brave Killer

Arab Sniper War: Brave Killer

by Supercloud Games Studio


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  • Arab Sniper War: Brave Killer
  • Arab Sniper War: Brave Killer
  • Arab Sniper War: Brave Killer
  • Arab Sniper War: Brave Killer
  • Arab Sniper War: Brave Killer
  • Arab Sniper War: Brave Killer
A lone Army Commando in the Arabian Desert on a one-man dangerous combat mission. In this new action-packed 3D First Person Shooter War your mission takes you to a remote Arabian city in the middle of the desert. You have never faced a tougher challenge than this. The command control has dropped you off on a stealth combat mission. You have SOLE CONTROL as the LEAD SNIPER In this thrilling Arab Sniper Shooting adventure be a Brave Killer The enemy is on HIGH ALERT and has all its might deployed against you ---You must not FAIL, we cannot let the city FALL to the enemy. --Think and act FAST! --Use every TACTIC you know --Dive into extreme ACTION --There are NO RULES! Just SURVIVAL! You will get the chance to become the Brave hero you were destined to be in this war. Be Brave enough Take on the ultimate desert battle, destroy the enemy. Your sniper skills will be your main weapon...be prepared to shoot FAST and ON TARGET Prove yourself as the best Army Commando warrior The forces are ready and the stage is set for the biggest desert combat of history. Move through the entire city and SECURE IT! -KILL the enemy soldiers -DESTROY the attack helicopters -SHOOT DOWN enemy drones Only the enemy is more unforgiving than the cruel desert environment. You have to become the ultimate weapon of the Army Commandos Combat the vicious enemy army in Arab Desert, but WATCH OUT and attack first or they WILL destroy you. Clear the city of enemy forces, use your sniper shooting skills. Your army unit is depending on you---Do not let them down GAMEPLAY: >Easy and intuitive controls >Maneuver easily and make faster action >Sensitive and responsive tap-to-shoot >Tilt your device to change directions >Kill all enemy combat soldiers >Shoot down the F-16s, drones and trucks that attack you KEY FEATURES: >Challenging action-filled levels that test you sniper shooting skills >Real 3D environment of a under-siege Arab desert city >Real sounds and music in game play. >User friendly controls and user interface

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