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Aqua Little Mermaid Princess

Aqua Little Mermaid Princess

by OceanTree


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  • Aqua Little Mermaid Princess
  • Aqua Little Mermaid Princess
  • Aqua Little Mermaid Princess
  • Aqua Little Mermaid Princess
  • Aqua Little Mermaid Princess
  • Aqua Little Mermaid Princess
Mermaid princess adventures follows the magical story about a young mermaid with a passion to discover. It’s awesome new 2015 game for kids and girls. Mermaid princess longing to explore the sea and skips merrily along the waves!! Mermaid princess swim through beautiful reef of the sea with her magic power stick, to collect lots of treasures and powers during her voyage. With her power she can wipe out giant sea creatures like sea horse and clown fish. Be watchful, avoid overcoming obstacles in mermaid princess way. After playing this stunning sea entertaining game, you will feel like experiencing the undersea coral reef adventure. Collect the glittering pearls to purchase more power ups and also get more power ups coming along the way. Using powers ups swim faster than ever. Mermaid princess sea adventure is endless sea adventure game. Travel more and reach a high score in google leaderboard. Enjoy extraordinary adventures of mermaid princess in underwater coral reef sea world. Download today and rate it!! Using Shop Speed (move super-fast, survive impacts) Shield (survive the next impact) Sonic blast (destroys incoming obstacles) Revive (get a second chance, get a new life) Complete different mission Collide with a torpedo Travel 500M Collect 5000 Pearls App Features and How to play: Colorful coral reef graphics and animation Specially design for kids and girls Swim far away, for gain top position leaderboard Share to your friends in social network Exquisite sound effects Tap for the swim, use magic stick power to destroy enemies. Collect pearls to shop for power ups

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