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AppLock lock applications

AppLock lock applications

by apps talavera


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  • AppLock lock applications
  • AppLock lock applications
  • AppLock lock applications
  • AppLock lock applications
  • AppLock lock applications
  • AppLock lock applications
AppLock lock applications allow you to block any function of your phone or security program using pattern or pin. In a simple way you can choose where you want to use the lock and just who put this pattern can then unlock. Blocks calls, sms, gmail, Facebook, protects your privacy. Why use blocking: - For example with your children, if you do not want desconfiguren the phone, change things, make purchases or simply enter your Internet or viewing photos. - With your friends. You leave a phone and try not to gossip is inevitable ... the whatsapp whatsapp blocks, gallery, sms and you can pay your phone without any fear. - Your mother, every time you use your mobile phone just deleting half your apps trying to call your aunt's village. - Prevents can get your personal information to certain programs. Blocks of what you want and only you can unlock !! Easy and super simple design. Note: the app to be fully effective it must also lock the settings and the android market, so avoid that anyone can pick up the phone or stop the uninstall application entering the market.

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