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App Lock by Miragestack

App Lock by Miragestack

by Miragestack


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  • App Lock by Miragestack
  • App Lock by Miragestack
  • App Lock by Miragestack
  • App Lock by Miragestack
  • App Lock by Miragestack
Lock any app of your choice with our App Lock. App Lock provides the most secured yet simple way to protect your apps. You can use time or date as PIN. This makes the PIN to unlock the apps change every minute, if you use TimePin. It will change every day if you use DatePin. No need to remember passwords anymore! No body can ever get a clue whether you are using the time or date as the password. Along with these options to lock the apps, we have traditional password and pattern based option as well. Features : 1. TimePin option : When you use TimePin lock option, your password to unlock the apps will be the current time. For example, if time is 07:58, then your password will be 0758. If time is 11:01, then your password to unlock the app will be 1101. 2. DatePin option : When you use DatePin lock option, your password to unlock the apps will be the current date. For example if date is 16/03/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy format) then your password to unlock the locked apps will be 1603 (ddmm), if date is 04/11/2015 , then password to unlock the locked apps will be 0411 (ddmm). 3. Intruder detection : When someone tries to unlock the locked application(s) with wrong password, the app lock will capture the photo of the person trying to unlock the app, by using the front camera and will notify you when you correctly unlock the app. 4. Unlock time toast message : When you unlock an app, it will show you the last time the app was opened. Using this, you can find out if someone managed to open the app while you are not around 5. Option to hide the app icon. 6. Totally customisable lock screen design. 7. Support for German , Spanish and Dutch languages. 8. Short Exit option will prevent the lock screen coming up for specified minutes FAQ : 1. Can i lock any app? Yes. You can lock any app in your device. 2. How can i lock the app? You just need to tap on the app name in the App Lock. It will show the lock icon next to the app name. Bingo! Your app is locked now. 3. How can i prevent the app lock from unauthorised uninstall? In the app settings , lock Google Play and App Install/Uninstall option. Then no one can uninstall the App lock from your phone without entering the correct password 4. What is recovery code? Recovery code is a fail safe option. If you forget your password or pattern, you have to enter your recovery code with preceding # in your phone dialer. Then the app lock will be reset and open without asking for a password or pattern.We request you to save the password in your mail or some form of notes. 5. How can i detect intruders trying to use my phone? You have to enable the intruder protection in the app lock settings.App lock will then capture photo using front camera when someone tries to use the locked app with a wrong password/pattern. When you unlock the app with correct password/pattern, you will get the notification message with the intruders photo and other details. If you face any issues, you can reach us by mailing to help@miragestack.com

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