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Animated Stories Free

Animated Stories Free

by funlearning


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Animated Stories Free
Animated Stories Free
Animated Stories Free

Animated Stories Free is one of the series of fun4learning programs. Our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!”.

Animated stories are the best entertainment options available for kids to develop their reading habit, while improving their skill in comprehension. Through this medium it is easy to also instill values in the child’s mind. With a judicious combination of graphics, narration, sound effects and background music, kids are attracted to them.

Animated Stories Free includes 3 short attractive stories. Each story also has about 10 phrases to help kids learn English phrases through animated stories. Enjoy it with your children.

★★★★★ Features ★★★★★


✔ Wonderful and creative plot

✔ Clear subtitles and accompanying music

✔ Each story features a high quality with exciting graphics

✔ Easy-to-understand interface

✔ Optimized for both phones and tablets



★★★★★ Requirements ★★★★★


✔ Android 4.0+.

✔ Screen resolution ≥ 800*480