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Angry Rhino Revenge Simulator

Angry Rhino Revenge Simulator

by mas3dstudio


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  • Angry Rhino Revenge Simulator
  • Angry Rhino Revenge Simulator
  • Angry Rhino Revenge Simulator
  • Angry Rhino Revenge Simulator
A very angry Rhino has been escaped from jungle.Now it is on the loose and it does not care what is in the way.Play as a rhino and enjoy creating havoc. Destroy every thing in city which comes in your way. Crush and kill is your motto. Wreck and shatter the whole town with angry rhino. Chase down peoples and attack them. Hit cars and destroy buildings and props. Release your inner beast and cause ultimate destruction in the modern city. Kill goats,Dogs and many other animals also. This new epic rhino simulator 3D 2015 is a dream game for all animals lover. Wild angry rhinoceros attack 3D is on your fingertips. Yes! Your real task is to take revenge as angry rhino to kill and hurt the city people, goats, chickens, road lights and others city assets. while you control the angry rhino attack 3D wild animations. There are light poles, fences, dustbins, electric box and lot other things in the city, hit every thing to get more points. Rhinos are deadly and attacking, so bring your inner rhino out. rhino battle against the cruel hunters is now on your fingertips. Many Sniper hunter hunted them ruthlessly and rhinos have come out to survive to start the deadly attack in revenge. Your 3D rhino attack angry hunting journey is going to be excited in angry Wild Rhino Attack and Revenge 3D game. Enjoy the ultimate rhino attack 3D game. Features: Smooth rhino controls Radar to show you the nearest enemy to attack

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