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Angry Phoenix Revenge 2016

Angry Phoenix Revenge 2016

by Lisa Jeff


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  • Angry Phoenix Revenge 2016
  • Angry Phoenix Revenge 2016
  • Angry Phoenix Revenge 2016

The Legendary myth bird is back with anger to take revenge from world.From mythical times it will fly over the town to burn with its fire breathing power.Control angry phoenix bird who is legendary and Hunt villager, dwarf, gnome , hippogriff , barbarian, goblin troll , Cyclops and ogre.Be a warrior Phoenix and reclaim your medieval kingdom. Angry Phoenix Revenge 2016 provides you a perfect chance to feel the terror and threat of being an Angry Gold Burning Wings Monster.This Ultimate Phoenix game will give you a real life Phoenix Flying and attacking experience.

Have you ever wanted to live the fantasy life of a phoenix to take revenge from fierce enemies and conquer the fantasy world? Now you can become the ultimate phoenix legendary bird in a simulator game unlike any other – Phoenix Simulator 3D!Fly the beast up high and spit fireballs to destroy enemies with this legendary phoenix adventure game. Attack the fortress and fight with knights & archers! Fight other mythical monsters who’ve joined hands with your enemies and get your world back.

Feel the power and the gust of wind as you flap your enormous wings and fly over towns, hills, land and across the sky.Express the magic phoenix as you hunt and fly across a massive 3D world. Choose your phoenix, and take on other enemies including humans, skeletons, and demons.Adventure in a fantasy simulation and fight your enemies to become more powerful.Use the power of flame and fire to strike fear into your enemies.

Angry Phoenix Revenge 2016 simulator Game Features :

• Animated 3D Phoenix for you to control and fly.
• Fast and action packed gameplay.
• Epic Battles with Cyclops and Other Mythical Creatures.
• Realistic Fire Breathing Action.
• Beautiful 3D environment & vibrant graphics
• Fight Against Phoenix Slayers and Monsters.
• Personalize your phoenix with colors of the flame
• Smooth controls and amazing visual effects

You may have played Flying Dragon games but now get ready to slay your victims and play as deadly phoenix. An ultimate 3D Simulator game you would love to play for free!Simulator challenges you to maintain health and energy by taking revenge, just like a real phoenix would do, right?Legendary phoenix never dies. Experience the process of restoration of the ultimate bird.Here is the legendary creature. This powerful fantastic animal will unleash its powerful attacks to take revenge from all opponents.

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