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Angry Moles

Angry Moles

by Champ Gamez


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  • Angry Moles
  • Angry Moles
  • Angry Moles
The world's #1 mole game “Angry Moles” is now available for smartphones and tablets. Angry Moles gives you a whole new experience of poking and swiping down the moles. Play the modern endless mole game in a new feature rich and exciting experience. Mole leader, GOGO with his other mole friends attack the farm of beautiful Sia. Help Sia and her meerkat friend by using numerous power-ups, and upgrades. Your main objective is to hit each and every mole (except meerkat) popping out of the hole, while taking coins and power-ups. But, remember don't let any mole go without getting hit, or you are finished. Though, there are some exceptions to this. You'll get to know inside the game. Sia will also be in regular talks with you, while enhancing your user-experience. She will tell you, which power-ups are harmful for YOU and need not be taken. Angry Moles, which is a modern whack-a-mole game, delivers ultra realistic gaming experience that features stunning graphics, amazing animations and simple intuitive controls. Game Features: - Swipe: Experience the power of SWIPE to hit moles with your fingers. - Power-ups: Exciting power-ups are there for you to use. - Difficulty Levels: Switch between "Easy," "Medium," and "Hard" in Settings to adjust according to your playing capacity. - Achievements: Complete all the three-tier objectives to pioneer the game. We keep adding more. - Upgrades: Upgrade your power-ups by many folds by using coins, earned in the game. - Modes: Play game modes like Time Limited (Boom Boom), and Career. - Leaderboard: Beat your friends' scores by making maximum score. Come and experience the very new endless mole game, which suits people of all age groups. The best of all, it does not require an active internet connection to play the game, and can be finished without doing in-app purchases. Test your reflexes now by swiping down all the required moles with your fingers in various game modes. We are continuously thinking of new, and innovative type of moles and power-ups, and are continually adding up. Did we tell you, there are also numerous Cheat Codes to earn free rubies (gems)? Join us on Facebook to get to know more details. See you in the game!!!

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