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Angry Mad gorilla Wild Attack

Angry Mad gorilla Wild Attack

by idivine creation


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  • Angry Mad gorilla Wild Attack
  • Angry Mad gorilla Wild Attack
  • Angry Mad gorilla Wild Attack
Live life as real wild gorilla and survive in the wilderness as long as you can. Hunt or be hunted be a part of ultimate battle between human and wildlife jungle animals, play as wild ape and take down human hunters in Angry Mad gorilla Wild Attack game. You're an angry Monkey, play as African smartest species like chimpanzees. Hunt out innocent animals and make them your prey. They can smell you, so don't make any noises when you're out to get them.! Perfect 3D Environment with Really Amazing Graphics and Huge Environment with Lots of Different Animals! Fast Attack everything you see to earn points and be at top. Go for hunting, look for your next innocent goal to kill furious beasts, execute the target to Survive in the Wild! Danger is at every turn in the wild. Play smart and attack wisely. Gain experience and boost skills to hunt deathly or weaker animals. Rampageous simian brings the most incredible, action packed survival simulator to life! Try the most advanced and realistic animal simulator. Live life as a hunting anthropoid and try to dominate this wilderness! Forest Wild Life Simulator 3D is filled with different type of animals, you can jump, pounce and scratch, a map is provided to scale the whole forest to find the target to catch. You can play as real wild thing and try to become the most powerful deadly animal in the wildness. you can also use protector to protect yourself. Be the strongest Monkey ever. You can also eat other animals after hunting them. Now a days Life of wild animal in danger because of pollution & City Construction & Extreme Crime Terrorist activity. Key features:- - Jumping Button - Score Points - Big Terrain to Explore - Nice fort With activity people - Great sounds of real gorilla - Pause Button - High Quality Graphics in a forest setting Enjoy Angry Mad gorilla Wild Attack enjoy this game!

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