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Ancient Surfer 2

Ancient Surfer 2

by SummerTimeStudio


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  • Ancient Surfer 2
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  • Ancient Surfer 2
  • Ancient Surfer 2
  • Ancient Surfer 2
SummerTimeStudio Vol. 13! A year has passed since SummerTime Surfing began. Now, Ancient Surfer is back more stylish than before! This time, surf Earth to surf Space! Compete with fellow surfers around the globe in real-time through large-scale events like never before in this next-gen Surfing game! Game Enjoyment -- Move your surfer downward to pick up speed. -- Bumping into obstacles in the water will slow you down. -- Gain speed and take off out of the water for jumps. -- Get enough hang time to pass the trick line for more stylish jumps. -- To complete a trick, simply follow the on-screen commands. -- Complete a trick, then spin some more for more points and coins! -- There are 45 tricks in all! -- Don't forget to stick the landing, or you'll lose out on all those points! -- With over 100 types of boards, necklaces, and wear, you can easily personalize your surfer! Technical Points -- Collect Rainbow Coins to unlock more skilled surfers. -- Upgrade your board for more power! -- Combine different items for faster surfing and higher jumps! Challenge the World in Real Time -- World-wide events allow you to challenge surfers in real time around the globe. -- Weekly events come with prizes like Rainbow Coins and Artifacts. -- Monthly events offer seasonal items. -- Grand champion tournaments deliver special items! -- Check for event updates. -- Difficulty depends on event: A change in difficulty means a change in the required items to participate. The more difficult the event, the bigger and better the prizes! -- Chill with a friend or challenge the world... It's up to you. Surf's Up! Minimum Recommended Devices iPhone 5 iOS 6.0 AndroidOS 4.2 GalaxyS4 Nexus7

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