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Among the Asteroids

Among the Asteroids

by 2Scars Games


Our Rating

  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids
  • Among the Asteroids

Among the Asteroids is an arcade with elements of puzzle for the whole family. You play as Lunny, cute alien pilot who travels through the space, collecting parts of the crashed ships to build large spaceship and to take his people to the new safe planet Placidus. Lunny mustn’t only avoid dangers lurking in space but also learn how to use them to complete his mission. He has to deal with asteroids, black holes, pulsars, exploding stars and even space magnetic tornado to make his people safe. While passing the scenario you will unlock two endless modes. Scoring and achievements systems will help you to show you are the best ;)

Key Features:

  • It keeps you tense
  • It makes you think
  • 4 different game modes
  • 48 levels
  • Endless survival mode
  • Endless tappy mode
  • Various types of celestial bodies and natural events that make different influence on spaceship’s flight
  • Lots of useful abilities
  • Nice comics that tell the story of the main hero
  • Beautiful soundtracks for all game modes
  • Leaderboards and achievements

We really hope you’ll enjoy the game.
We highly appreciate your feedback. We are working for YOU, so your opinion is extremely important!

If you have any questions or need support please contact us: support@2scarsgames.com

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