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Amaze Lite

Amaze Lite

by Hear Games Studio


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Game that challenge your hearing capabilities! Hear Games Studio presents Amaze Lite. Amaze Lite is a board game, where the player is supposed to navigate to the end point avoiding the sound obstacles within a given time. Sound obstacles which are not visible are placed randomly on the edges of different squares. Whenever you hear the sound, you need to avoid going in that direction as you may lose a life. Stereo headphones are must for game play. Player is given options to collect positive points and avoid obstacles with negative points. For more info: How to play Amaze Lite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx02OOY_dDo Features: • See generated reports to find your hearing capabilities. • 4 themes, 80 adventures levels. • For all age groups. Disclaimer: The report is currently built for information only. This is not an authorized report from any agency and is not completely validated yet. If you find any issues in the report, please contact your doctor who can advice you better. FAQ’s: How to find the Reports? Main Menu -> More -> Reports. What is Reset on the Report? Clears the history of the previous game play. When does it get populated? A complete report can be viewed after playing all the 20 levels in the 5x5 and 6x6 game. How to read the Report? Every row indicates a particular ear, frequency of the sounds played in that ear, volume of sounds played in that ear. The row also indicates the number of times this combination of sounds was played in the game. Success and failure indicates the player's ability to hear these sounds and react. Results might not be accurate if, a) If you skip couple of levels. b) Have someone else play the games without resetting the results. c) Resetting the results in between the game play. d) Not keeping the volume at max. e) Not wearing a stereo headphone. f) Wearing the earplugs in the wrong ears. eg., wearing right earphone in left ear. g) Unable to understand the game play. h) Intentionally playing the game incorrectly to have fun.

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