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Ace Of Space

Ace Of Space

by PlayingSushi


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The galaxy is a dangerous place where only the most skilled pilots can survive! Be the commander of one of the fastest ships in the galaxy and pilot it through asteroids fields that will push your abilities to the limit. Collect as many stars as you can and risk your ship to snatch the orbiting stars around asteroids. The force shield will protect you from the asteroids and with the laser you can destroy them, but watch out! nothing can protect you from the feared black star. If you survive long enough, you'll be able to use the hyper portal! Are you up to the challenge? Features: - Smoothly increasing difficulty (suitable for all) - Fast boot - Nice graphics and particle systems - Good background music to offer an improved game experience How to play: - Touch down one half of the screen to move the ship in that direction - Touch up to stop the ship - Collect as many stars as possible - Use the force shield wisely - Orbiting stars are trickier but worthier - The black star will speed things up and will decrease the value of stars - Collect a whole group of stars and you will have extra points - Use the hyper portal to avoid asteroids when everything seems lost.

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