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8 Ball Pool: World Entertainment

8 Ball Pool: World Entertainment

by Windmill Studio


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  • 8 Ball Pool: World Entertainment
  • 8 Ball Pool: World Entertainment
  • 8 Ball Pool: World Entertainment
  • 8 Ball Pool: World Entertainment
  • 8 Ball Pool: World Entertainment

8 Ball Pool: world tournament is a classic pool game of 8 ball. In this year 2016 you will find out the 3D pool experience. 
Play the pool ball game in time based mode. Basics of 8 ball tournament game are to stay correct and hit the cue. At places this game is sometimes called as cue or billiards. Let us start the ball pool game for free.
I this time based game you have to aim at the cue and in the left side of the screen you will find strike meter where you can set the speed with which it hit the ball. For more convenience you are provided with the trail over the direction.
If you pot the eight ball before any of the ball then the game will be finished. You have to pot the 8 ball at the end of all the balls.
Pot balls of all color in any of the pocket and 8 ball at the last.
To start the game you will be given 6 mins and after all the balls are pooled the time left will be your bonus points.

If you pot the cue ball you will lose 2 points .
How to play:
• Use the cue stick to aim at the cue with cue ball.
• Stretch the stick back and hit the ball.
• Super fine physics based 8 ball game 
• Touch controls
• Play with aiming lines for greater support
• Time attack game
• Amazing entertainment
Take a pause refresh yourself with the 8 ball pool : World Tournament!

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