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7Bricks - Complex logic puzzle game with numbers

7Bricks - Complex logic puzzle game with numbers

by Pavel Ryzhikov


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  • 7Bricks - Complex logic puzzle game with numbers
  • 7Bricks - Complex logic puzzle game with numbers
  • 7Bricks - Complex logic puzzle game with numbers
  • 7Bricks - Complex logic puzzle game with numbers

7Bricks game is a logic puzzle that will be to the taste for those who like to plan for multiple steps ahead. There is a game field filled with bricks that hide a digit inside. There are two kinds of locks that will unleash the digit after any adjacent brick is destroyed. Depending on the lock type, you will have to do it once or twice. Locks will further accompany the game by appearing in the stack of incoming digits at random.

At certain times another important game object appears - the bomb that destroys all adjacent bricks with locks or digits.
The key aspect of the game is placing the brick in a way that its` digit match to the number of bricks in either the column or the row; if the match is successful the brick will be destroyed.
So, one of the goals of the game is destroying as many digit bricks as possible, since the bottom layer of bricks will eventually be filled with bricks again, so you have limited time to get rid of the bricks until they fill the game field to the top. Besides, simultaneous destruction of some number of bricks will reward you with the bomb.

This puzzle can easily complete for the title of "the best" in the genre of puzzle games.
7Bricks provides a few ways to experience the game process. You can relax and just throw bricks, improving your score and beating your previous records, or you can try hard by using your brain to the fullest and thinking through and evaluating all combinations in order to get the best results. Either way, 7Bricks game will help you to rest, kill some time, and elevate your mood, as well as train your logical thinking and get some useful brain exercise.
The application is accompanied by pleasant graphics and light sounds, which in combination with addicting game process gives a lot of positive emotions.

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