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66 Santase

66 Santase



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66 Santase
66 Santase
66 Santase
66 Santase
66 Santase
66 Santase
66 Santase
66 Santase

This is card game played with 24 cards. In some countries it's called "Sixty-six", "Santase" or "Schnapsen". See how to play and rules of the game in game help or over the internet. The game is known in different variations. You can customize your settings according to the rules you know (start with 20/40 or not, declare 20/40 with queen only or both - queen and king, show or hide opponents points...). Change the game look according to your needs. Everything is in your hands. Enjoy with improved AI and the best card game experience...

In game settings you can change:
- auto hand gathering (on/off)
- possibility to declare marriage (20/40) with no picks
- possibility to declare marriage (20/40) with queen and king (not only queen)
- possibility to hide opponents points (harder for the user to follow the game flow)
- change the score, user have to reach to win the game
- change the look of the deck
- change the look of the back of the cards
- change the background of the game
- turn sound on and off
- turn animation on and off

To declare marriage, according to the settings (upper in the description), just throw the queen (or the king, if set in the settings), and the points will be automatically added to your points.

Full game rules: http://goo.gl/I1Smlc