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4G LTE only - Speed Test

4G LTE only - Speed Test

by Simplistic


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4G LTE only - Speed Test
4G LTE only - Speed Test
4G LTE only - Speed Test
4G LTE only - Speed Test

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Most Useful Network tools , Packed in The Smallest App Size Ever (1mb) ❤️ ❤️

" 4G LTE Only Switch" app provides

  • 4G LTE Switch
  • Internet Speed Meter
  • Network Signal Loss Detector

4G LTE only Switch:

Samsung & htc phones doesnt support this feature.

4G LTE only Switch is used to LOCK particular Network Signal ike 4G ( LTE ) / 3G / 2G only. Like Other apps ,this app wont crash for unsupported phones .100% guaranteed. Additional "Search Network Operators" Shortcut is Included.

Internet Speed Meter:

Internet Speed Meter Provides Most Accurate Real Life Scenario Internet Speed Testing. No dummy results.

Network Detector:

Network Detector ,detects Network Signal Loss and Alerts Users. Useful during Travel in low signal areas and never worry about when the Network signal is lost. For Testing,You can Activate detector and turn on Airplane mode,to check Whether its working or not.

Why to use "4G LTE only Switch" ?

Your in an situation , Where you have 4G / LTE Signal but the network is Automatically Switching to 3G / 2G , then use <b>" 4G LTE Switch "  to Lock 4G ( LTE ) / 3G / 2G . This app is very helpful if your device don't have a " 4G / 3G / 2G Only " Mode in phone settings.

Why to use my "Internet Speed Meter" ?

Many other apps mostly provide fake results, Use this app " Internet Speed Meter "  to get Most Accurate Real Life Scenario Internet Speed Results.

Why to use "Network Detector"</b> ?

Focusing Asian Countries where network signal is low , Network Detector detects Network Signal loss and Alerts you to Register Network. Useful during travel times,not missing important calls,not worrying about when network signal is lost.


How to use "4G LTE only Switch" :
1) Click "Force 2G / 3G/ LTE" button and scroll down find "set preferred network type"
2) select : "LTE only" - for LTE (4G) Network.       
                 "WCDMA only" - for 3G Network
                 "GSM only" - for 2G Network.
3) wait for some time (for 5-30 seconds) till network is updated.
4) check the status in home page.
5) If the network is not changed..click "Search Network Operators" button.. Search & Register your     cellular Network operator.
6)If Still no change and Network type is "UNKNOWN" then Reboot / Restart the device.