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3D Horse Simulator

3D Horse Simulator

by Lingogames


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  • 3D Horse Simulator
  • 3D Horse Simulator
  • 3D Horse Simulator
  • 3D Horse Simulator
  • 3D Horse Simulator
Are you ready to take up the challenge in 3D Horse Simulator? Riding on a horseback Sims, is a dream. You can fulfill them by downloading and playing this extreme horse simulator game, you can feel the beauty and toughness of this stallion separated from its herd and lost its way out from the dense jungle and forest and now roaming freely into the busy streets of the beautiful city. A Horse who chooses to remain one of the fast running animals! 3D Horse Simulator is a role-playing simulator game, make your horse jump high, run fast, and trot in this horse sim app, enabling the rider to be a master jockey and a professional horse trainer that will lead the player into the virtual world of horse riding. This virtual horse simulator is on a disastrous run in the city, running, jumping and crossing hurdles, destroying and crushing with his powerful legs, damaging and ruining city beauty by hitting lamp posts, trees, telephone booths and anything that comes into his way, this endless running game will lead you to the simulation addiction and excitement. Health is the basic need and you have to maintain your health and energy to survive in the 3D horse simulator game, as the horse is on the run and enjoying its escape from the jungle forest, once it feels tiring, its health will get down and its speed will get slow gradually, try to give the horse some rest, before it gets on the move, while simulating and roaming wildly in the city you can see beautiful landscape with buildings, lush green grounds with grass with realistic views of city landscape. You have the best opportunity to be a perfect horse rider to play this this escapade 3D Horse simulator Sims and time killer game among all simulation games you ever played or downloaded before. REALISTIC SIMULATOR 3D Horse simulator enables rider to feel the beauty of realistic simulation. HEALTH AND SURVIVAL The city is busy and survival is only to maintain your health and take frequent stops to get energy. GET POINTS AND LEVELS Try to take maximum points and challenge your family and friends in this exciting 3D Horse Simulator game. HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS 3D Horse Simulator is designed with HD graphics visualizing the user to feel the surroundings with realistic features and nature's beauty! ★★★★★3D HORSE SIMULATOR GAME FEATURES★★★★★ ● 3D Animated Horse ● Free & Challenge Mode ● Simulated 3D Horse Riding ● Horse jumping over hurdles ● Eating carrots and hitting trees ● Realistic city environment ● Real Horse Sound Effects ★★★★★HORSE SIMULATOR CONTROLS★★★★★ ● Move your horse Forward, Backward, Left, Right by using Joystick on left side of screen ● Make your horse jump by using jump button on right side of screen ★★★★★GET CONNECTED★★★★★ You can join our Facebook page to get latest updates & promotions: https://www.facebook.com/LingoMobileGames

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