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10x10 Fight

10x10 Fight

by pixiutech info


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10x10 Fight
10x10 Fight
10x10 Fight
10x10 Fight

》"10x10 Fight" is an amazing puzzle game. You can fight with your good friends to see who is the best player! What are you waiting for? Just try it!

- Three fun modes, Time mode, Hard mode and Normal mode. 
- In Time mode, the user only has 2 minutes to play, if more rows/columns are cleared, more extra time will get.
- In Hard mode, initially 20 blocks randomly placed. If the blocks are less than or equal to 10 blocks, 10 more blocks randomly placed and also get extra 100 scores.
- Small size and highly performance
- Facebook integrated, the score of Normal mode will be uploaded to compete with your friends.
- Integrates Facebook functionalities, such as Share to friends, Invite Friends, Challenge Friends and also posts the scores to Facebook.

》How to play? Just make the line vertically or horizontally to clear line. Try it and you will know how easy it is!