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1 to 100 Numbers – Kids Spelling Learning for Free

1 to 100 Numbers – Kids Spelling Learning for Free

by Dhaval Soni


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1 to 100 Numbers – Kids Spelling Learning for Free
1 to 100 Numbers – Kids Spelling Learning for Free

Our goal is to learn with fun and games that is an easy way to teach kids. 1 to 100 Spelling learn for toddlers and kids. KidsLearnWithFun provide the new way to educate our children that's called edutainment (education + entertainment).

A great kids’ games for learning Numbers 1 to 100 - Spelling games to improve our toddlers IQ training. It's the best way to increase our kid's knowledge through our different 10 activities where Kids learn how to spell and it is best spelling games for grade 1. Many people recommended it for classroom spelling games to learn a spell of numbers.

By practicing with kids’ numbers 1 to 100 free game baby's easily converted numbers to words with spelling game playing by spelling word practice. This is an easy way to learning numbers, numeric and spelled out. 1 to 100 spelling learning games can help to learn numbers very quickly and effective way and also practice have fun with other games like Dictate, Tap, arrange, drag, pick, pair, find, spelling finding and also fun game scratchpad spelling board games.

1. Beginner track (Beginner): Kids learn how to spell by spelling games of 1 to 100 numbers.
2. Dictate with me (Beginner): Kids will improve power on spelling where kids also speak spelling with it. It also knows as spelling word practice games.
3. Tap me (Beginner): Kids will make confident in spelling game of 1 to 100 kids numbers as classroom spelling learning.
4. Arrange me (Intermediate & Expert): Now your kids have on intermediate level. Kids can identify the correct spelling and arrange it in the correct order like spelling board games.
5. Drag me (Intermediate): Kids understand the correct spelling of numbers like grade 1 student.
6. Pick correct (Intermediate): Kids fill confident on spelling
7. Pair me (Expert): Now your kids is/are expert in the spelling of numbers. Perfect exercise to remember the number's spelling.
8. Find number (Expert & Fun): Kids identify the number, so they can have confidence in numbers
9. Find spelling (Expert & Fun): kids identify the spelling of numbers, so they can have confidence in a spelling of numbers. This is the final stage where finally Kids learn how to spell.
10. Scratchpad (Fun and Learn Game): Numbers fun game to learn and fun. Kids Enjoy it.
Parents also customize settings for numbers in settings option like 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30 .... 91 to 100 through multiple option choice and the application made to enable that selection for your kids to play with it.