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1-2-20 - Addictive Speed and Reflexes Puzzle Game

1-2-20 - Addictive Speed and Reflexes Puzzle Game

by MBApps


Our Rating

  • 1-2-20 - Addictive Speed and Reflexes Puzzle Game
  • 1-2-20 - Addictive Speed and Reflexes Puzzle Game
  • 1-2-20 - Addictive Speed and Reflexes Puzzle Game

If you can count, you can play!

Do you enjoy playing the hardest, most challenging games ever, which constantly push your skills to the limit? If your answer is yes, then 1-2-20 is the perfect game for you!

Now you can eliminate boredom, increase your mental sharpness and have undiluted fun with the 1-2-20 game app.

Introducing the one game that will get you hooked while keeping your spirits high. 1-2-20 it the new great brain challenging puzzle game available.

How exactly does 1-2-20 work?

You get 60 seconds to tap from number 1 to 20 as fast and as accurately as you can. Depending on how fast and/or accurate you are, you are rewarded with a high score. However, tapping a wrong number will take away one of the three (3) lives you are afforded.

You are out to ensure that the three lives afforded are not exhausted. That will mean game over. You also have to be razor sharp enough to tap the numbers before the given time elapses. Keep attention and prove your speed and reflexes to score the highest possible score in this addictive game for kids and adults alike.

This sounds like a bunch of fun, right?

It sure is!

The New Way To Unwind

This awesome brain challenging game relies on your reflexes, speed and awareness keeping you engaged, trigger your competitive spirits to try and hit perfection, improve your mental sharpness and just help you have fun in an educating way as well as training your hand eye coordination.

If you love fun, you’ll love 1-2-20!

Key features and benefits of this brain challenging game:

* Simplicity - Simple to install and even simpler to play.

* Fun - Get engaged in thrilling sessions and get fun like you’ve never seen it. Perfect for killing time, leisure, brain challenging, brain training and just bonding with friends and family. It is fun for kids and adults alike!

* Mental Sharpness - Improve your mental sharpness while exercising your brain with this challenging game.

* Test Responses and reflexes - How responsive are you? How fast are your reflexes? This is one good way to test yourself and ultimately train to be quick thinking.

Brace yourself, get your fingers ready and join in the fun - it's easy to join!

So what are you waiting for? Download 1-2-20 now and enjoy the most challenging fun game ever.

**Now Featuring in-app purchases to get you an extra life, or an extra 10 seconds for one day (24 hours)**

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