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 Sunshine: Transfer Large Files

Sunshine: Transfer Large Files

by Sunshine – Large File Sharing


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 Sunshine: Transfer Large Files

Use Sunshine to transfer, backup, and download your large photo, music, or video files on any device.

***IMPORTANT*** Sunshine must be installed on your phone and computer to transfer or backup files between your device and computer.

• Transfer any file size, type, or count between your devices instantly - for free
• Access and transfer your files between Android, iOS, Mac, and PC - no 3rd party needed
• Backup files instantly - files from your device to your Mac or PC (requires Sunshine for Desktop -free)
• Free up storage space by using one-tap backup
• Direct device sharing technology. No cloud storage or servers will ever see your files
• Send and play large photos, HD movies, and music libraries without leaving the app

Sunshine is the next step in large file sharing, enabling you to access, transfer and share big files across any of your devices - without using cloud storage. Unlike server or cloud based services, Sunshine leverages direct sharing P2P technology to connect your devices, allowing for transfers that are fast, limitless, and safe.

Our technology is powerful enough to share entire family photo albums, HD quality movies and videos, and multi-document zip files in seconds. From there, you can stream or download files instantly. Really large files that would normally take at least an hour to upload can now be shared in just a couple of taps. So now you can view or share these files in seconds without worrying about having enough space on your devices or in your cloud storage.

Spend less time in the cloud and more time in Sunshine. Download Sunshine to enjoy these awesome features:

• No Clouds, Only Sunshine – With Sunshine, share any file directly across your devices (Sun) or share directly to a friend (Shine).
• Unlimited file size and number: never worry about file size limitations. With Sunshine, you can send as many files as you want, as large or small as you want, and as often as you want.
• Faster than light: access and display media instantly. Sunshine’s direct device-to-device technology eliminates the need to upload files to a 3rd party cloud storage server, dramatically reducing sharing speeds and sizes
• Sync and send to any device: share and stream to your computer phone, tablet, and SMART TV.
• Your Shine, Your privacy: keep your files to yourself or share them with the people you trust. Using Sunshine’s encryption technology, your files will stay within your private
• Rich playing & streaming feature: Instant streaming on your device, with no loss in quality. Remote media streaming & DLNA support.

Not sure what to share?

- Want to review notes before your presentation? Pull it from your computer instantly onto your phone
- Are you a parent? Share a video of your child’s first steps
- Recently travel? Share the entire photo album from your recent trip
- GoPro user? Stream it on your SMART TV so your friends can see your first person bellyflop in HD (must be DNLA/UPNP enabled).

Go to http://www.sunshineapp.com to download Sunshine Desktop.